Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Qualification Program

The Research Training Group 2154 Materials for Brain requires substantial collaboration between materials science and medicine. With the research training group proposed here, we establish great possibilities for an interdisciplinary doctorate: interdisciplinary languages and problem-solving strategies will be fostered in line with hands-on practice in a future, joint research area of medical and materials sciences. The qualification program includes mandatory and comprehensible interdisciplinary communication of goals, methods and results to co-workers from other disciplines. We foresee a future where there will be a strongly increasing need for scientists with interdisciplinary research experience in medical and materials sciences both in Germany and internationally. Such scientists will carry out competitive research as well as developments for advancing technologies in both materials science and medical research. This demand for specifically educated scientists is a main focus within this research training group.

We offer within the academic support program:

  • subject-specific courses and interdisciplinary courses
  • soft skills training
  • research stay abroad Link
  • individual career coaching.


The program corresponds to 60 day equivalents within the three-year structured PhD program. Successful participation is mandatory for successfully graduating from the program.