Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

P5: Responsive materials for drug-release in the brain (C. Selhuber-Unkel, R. Adelung)

The ultimate means to prevent severe epileptic seizures would be a device that senses a seizure already at an early stage. This device then would administer a therapeutic dose of an antiepileptic drug to the affected brain area to prevent the seizure. Based on these requirements, project P5 aims to develop prototypes of an intelligent actor-sensor system fulfilling these needs. This innovative project is highly interdisciplinary and includes both subjects materials science and biomedicine. The project will use a step-by-step approach in the development of the components of the device while always integrating the latest results and know-how aquired in the accompanying projects. A specific strategy will be to include responsive materials that deliver a drug upon a well-defined external signal, or by directly sensing a change in the material’s environment.