Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

P1b: Effekt of Br and Li as alloying element for Mg-based thin film implants on cellular response (R. Willumeit-Römer)

In this project, which is the counterpart to P1a in which the thin films will be developed and characterised (PI E. Quandt), the interaction of brain cells, stem cells and especially co-culture set ups including e.g. macrophages with Br- or Li-containing Mg- thin films will be studied. The cells response with respect to the expression of marker proteins and signal molecules (e.g. cytokines) will be quantified. For comparison, Mg and Mg alloys already studied in the first part of the project will be included. A second important parameter will be the influence of the cocultured cells on the degradation of the films. The third step will be the analysis of changes in the identified processes induced by coatings (cooperation with P3, P4 und P6 ). In the long run these tests will be extended into animal models where the interaction will be studied by in vivo imaging (P10) and histology. The sum of results will be used to optimize the materials and to develop a model which describes the mechanism of cell-material-interaction to make predictions of the implant degradation.
A close collaboration with Peer Wulff (Institute of Physiology, CAU Kiel) and Susann Boretius (Functional Imaging Laboratory, German Primate Center, Göttingen) is planned.