Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

P12: Chemo-mechanical continuum modeling of biocompatible degradation processes in thin-film implant materials (S. Wulfinghoff)

The goal of project P12 is to investigate the thin-film implants, which are to be developed in the Research Training Group 2154, and their biocompatible degradation processes in greater detail. In particular, the degradation processes and their interaction with the surrounding tissue are intended to be investigated further. In the long-term, the gained insights are expected to support the materials and implants design processes, such that, e.g., the biocompatibility is increased and the patient-specific chronological agent release becomes more and more controllable. To capture the mechanical loads of the surrounding tissue in an accurate fashion, detailed mechanical models will be developed, which are capable of describing the anisotropic material characteristics as well as the degradation-induced forming of cracks and crack networks and the thereof resulting tissue loads. The mechanical models will be coupled with phase-field models to a chemo-mechanical model, such that the forming of corrosion layers and the degradation processes as well as the related mass transfer can be described.