GRK 2154 - Materials for Brain

P2a: Thin film flow-diverter stents based on superelastic shape memory alloys (E. Quandt)

Flow diverter stents made of superelastic TiNi thin films will be fabricated using thin film technology and MEMS processes based on FEM calculations. The work will consist of four major parts:

1.) Development of a finite element model (FEM) in order to describe flow diverter stents made of superelastic TiNi thin films including their cripmping behavior.

2.) Fabrication of flow diverter stents made of superelastic TiNi thin films using magnetron sputtering, photolithography and etching techniques.

3.) Characterization of the microstructure and the functional properties including fatigue.

4.) In collaboration with project P2b (O. Jansen): Fluid dynamic characterization of the different flow diverter stent designs

Location of work: Kiel


The candidate is expected to have a MSc / Diploma in Material Science or Physics, (or adequate). The candidate should be able to work independently, accurate and well-organized. It is advantageous if the candidate is already familiar with FEM, thin film technology, MEMS and related characterization techniques. Candidates should be highly motivated to perform scientific research, able to work independently in team-oriented projects, good sense for team spirit, responsibility and accuracy, well-organized, flexible, mobile, and able to learn and adopt new methods.