GRK 2154 - Materials for Brain

P1a: Thin film implants based on magnesium alloys (E. Quandt)

Thin films made of Mg-alloys will be fabricated using thin film technology and MEMS processes. They will be characterized under near physiological conditions by project P1b (R. Willumeit-Römer). Special challenges will be to fabricate single phase Mg alloys with low corrosion rates, good mechanical properties, and high concentrations of metals that have a medical impact. Furthermore, these materials will be patterned using photolithography and etching techniques with the aim to meet the requirements for different implant applications.

Location of work: Kiel


The candidate is expected to have a MSc / Diploma in Material Science or Physics, (or adequate). The candidate should be able to work independently, accurate and well-organized. It is advantageous if the candidate is already familiar with thin film technology, MEMS and related characterization techniques. Candidates should be highly motivated to perform scientific research, able to work independently in team-oriented projects, good sense for team spirit, responsibility and accuracy, well-organized, flexible, mobile, and able to learn and adopt new methods.