Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Project 5: Igor Barg

Sensor-actor system for signal-controlled release of drugs in the brain

Project P5 is a highly interdisciplinary, materials science based project that deals with the development of an implantable sensor-actuator system for local drug delivery in epilepsy. The goal is to create a system that could monitor the electrophysiological activity of the brain continuously and detect epileptic seizures. In case of a seizure, the system would act by local drug delivery of antiepileptic drugs to the central nervous system. Advantages of local drug delivery are high efficiency and the avoidance of adverse side effects due to systemic administration. Therefore, such a system could be used, e.g. for immediate medical intervention in severe types of epileptic seizures even in the absence of medical staff. For this purpose, the initial focus will be on designing a complete system concept under consideration of all relevant physiological boundary conditions, energy requirement as well as material parameters like long-term stability and biocompatibility. Afterwards the stepwise fabrication and investigation of single system components like sensors, drug reservoir and actuation mechanism will take place. The assembly of the single components will lead to a first model system for which the drug release characterization in a synthetic liquor system is intended.