Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Project 3: Florian Rasch (née Ceynowa)

Microstructured thin-film interpenetrating composites for drug release

This project aims to develop a drug delivery system for local treatment of brain diseases. In particular, the highly malignant tumor glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and epilepsy are investigated in cooperation with the projects P5, P8 and P9. In this work, the focus is on the fabrication of a microstructured, highly porous and 3D macroscopically expanded network which shall be loaded with a drug and a polymeric barrier layer (P4) to ensure sustained drug release in the brain. The drug delivery system has to satisfy complex requirements: it must be biocompatible, highly flexible and compact. Therefore, the range of adequate materials is limited and novel fabrication strategies must be invented in order to meet those requirements. After fabrication, the materials are characterized in terms of their microstructure, drug distribution within the network, mechanical properties, etc. In cooperation with projects P7, P8 and P9, the drug release and cellular reactions are examined in vitro (P7, P8) and in vivo (P9).