Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Wiebke Reichstein (at MIT, USA)

Department of Chemical Engineering, Prof. Karen Gleason, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cambridge, USA (01.04.-29.06.2018)

During my research stay abroad I was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. I worked in the Department of Chemical Engineering in the group of Prof. Karen K. Gleason. She is the pioneer in the field of Chemical Vapor Deposition, especially in initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD), a method I apply in my PhD project. I spent three months in Cambridge in the Gleason labs and deposited different kinds of polymers with iCVD. I characterized these polymers and tested their applicability as barrier layers for drug delivery. At the MIT I was working with two different types of iCVD chambers: the continuous flow and batch reactor. The continuous flow reactor has, in contrast to the batch reactor, a continuous flow of the gaseous reactants through the vacuum chamber. The chamber of a batch reactor is filled with the gaseous reactants before the polymerization occurs. For these systems, I acquired knowledge of crucial parameters for a homogenous and conformal coating. Overall, I really enjoyed the time at the MIT and learned a lot. The gained know-how will be of great significance for upcoming progress in my PhD project. The group of Prof. Karen K. Gleason was extremely helpful and supported me during my stay. At the weekends, I had the possibility to visit the cities of Cambridge and Boston, allowing me to get to know the American culture and way of life, which made my research stay abroad a great experience.

wire, MIT 1

wire, MIT 2