Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Vivian Adamski (at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland)

Laboratory of Professor Dr. Stefan Jurga in the NanoBioMedical Centre of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland (15.10. – 21.12.2018)

The brain tumor Glioblastoma multiforme is one of the most aggressive tumors of the central nervous system. Classical therapy regimes only very slightly increase the survival outcome of patients after surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to find alternative ways for the tumor treatment. Such alternative ideas are not only to co-administer two or more therapeutic agents to patients that address different cell death pathways, but also to encapsulate drugs into nanovehicles in order to increase the drug stability, bioavailability and the cellular uptake. Thus, I visited a collaborating materials science laboratory in the NanoBioMedical Centre in Poznan (Poland), since Professor Dr. Stefan Jurga and his work group have great experiences and knowledge about the production and usage of nanovehicles for drug transport purposes.
The aim of my research stay was to establish the production of cubic nanovehicles loaded with an alternative therapeutic compound for glioblastoma therapy. Herein, we were interested not only in the materials science aspects of produced drug carriers, but also in the cytotoxic effect of the encapsulated therapeutic agent. For three months, I gained highly interesting insights into the materials science work field and learned various new techniques. I was perfectly supervised and supported by the entire working group and did not only learn important things for my work in sciences, but also found extremely adorable people that I made friends with.
In conclusion, I can highly recommend gaining such experiences if there is the opportunity to, since it is not only helpful for making contacts and learn new perspectives for your work, but also broadens your horizon about different cultures, people, and languages.


Vivian 1

The working group in the NanoBioMedical Centre with Dr. Ing. Dorota Flak and Vivian Adamski (front left and center).