Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Katharina Siemsen (at Cornell University, USA)

Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering, Associate Prof. Jan Lammerding, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York State, USA (04.10. - 19.12.2017)

As the main part of the project is about the investigation of the mechanotransduction in 3D, a very important aspect is the technique of the investigation of cell migration, proliferation and forces of and onto cells in 3D and its visualization. The Lammerding Lab is highly experienced in this field and the research stay abroad gave the possibility to learn from the lab and get acquaintance with 3-dimensional long-term imaging of cell experiments using a confocal microscope.
But not the experiments alone but the people to meet, to live and to discuss with made it a valuable experience. The research stay abroad with a duration of three months at the end of 2017 started with a very warm and sunny October, unusual for Upstate New York, and provided the opportunity to go hiking in the cat skill mountains nearby and to enjoy the huge botanical garden and hiking trails with surrounds Cornell University after work. Long days in the lab were eased with in a very comforting and supporting environment and a great dairy bar close to the building and with a cinema at the campus. Living together with students of another subject made the discussions in the evening very broad and alive. In total, the research stay abroad was a great experience and opportunity to meet other people and get to know another way of working and living.