Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Lea Jessen (at University of Queensland, Australia)

Prof. Dr. Andrej Atrens, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia (12.09. - 06.12.2019)

I had the opportunity to do my research stay abroad in the lab of Prof. Andrej Atrens at the Queensland University in Brisbane, Australia. Prof. Andrej Atrens works in the field of corrosion for years. His research interest among others is in Magnesium corrosion, H2 embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking. As the Research Training Group “Materials for Brain” among others deals with biodegradable materials, my project focuses on the fabrication and characterization of Magnesium based thin films. Therefore, the corrosion properties besides the mechanical properties play an important role for the later application. Under the supervision of Prof. Andrej Atrens, I had the chance to perform further corrosion investigation on sputtered thin film samples, which I fabricated in Kiel prior to my research stay abroad. I got an introduction to the methods and techniques, e.g. weight-loss and potentiodynamic polarisation measurements, in Prof. Andrej Atrens lab. Additionally, I learned about electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). I had to adapt these techniques, to measure the thin film samples brought from Kiel. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to give a talk in a research seminar about the RTG 2154 and my research at Melbourne Royal Institute of Technology (MRIT).
At the weekends, I had time to visit the city and the surrounding areas. Brisbane is a great city with lots of things to do. I enjoyed the many lovely parks or the weekly markets as well as festivals. Furthermore, the surrounding area offers beautiful beaches and national parks where one can go for a swim or a walk.
It was a great experience, both personally and professionally. I learned new techniques, improved my language skills, met new people and cultures, and had the chance to explore a country which is so different from Germany. If the opportunity is given, I recommend to take the chance to do a research stay abroad.

leje Brisbane