Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Archive News 2017

  • 07. - 08.12.2017 Our PhD-students participated in the workshop "Project Management and Communication in Science", carried out by ProSciencia.


  • 01. - 02.11.2017: 2nd Retreat of the RTG 2154 „Materials for Brain“ taking place in Leck
    GRK-Retreat Leck


  • 29.09.2017: Researchers’ Night (Nacht der Wissenschaft): RTG 2154 in Eckernförde
    The Researchers' Night 2017 took place in Eckernförde, Kiel, Plön, Preetz and Rendsburg and offered over 100 different activities for visitors. For the RTG 2154 it was the first time participatin in this event! In Eckernförde, the doctoral researchers and PIs presented the research of the RTG Materials for Brain under the motto "look and feel" with posters, microscops and black boxes. In the latter, visitors were able to feel different materials and textures.

    NdW 2017
  • ​​01. - 02.06.2017: 1st Retreat of the RTG 2154 „Materials for Brain“ taking place in Sankelmark Link
    Retreat Sankelmark 06/2017
  • 17.05.2017: Research prize for Vivian Adamski.
    Our doctoral researcher Vivian Adamski received a research prize of 8000€ from the Familie Mehdorn Stiftung for the research topic: "Characterization of dormant tumor cells in different glioblastoma subtypes". Link

  • 01.04.2017: Official start of our Research Training Group RTG 2154 with a Kick-off Meeting of doctoral researchers and PIsKick-off2017