GRK 2154 - Materials for Brain

  • 13.07.2018 Joined summer party of the SFB 1261 & GRK 2154:
    The first joined summer party of the SFB 1261 & GRK 2154 took place at the Faculty of Engineering. The members of both projects enjoyed a BBQ offering a wide range of steaks, sausages and grilled vegetables as well as home made salads and desserts. The beautiful summer weather invited to sit outside till late in the evening and the people enjoyed a nice chat with members of the different project groups.
    summer party


  • 20.06.2018 GRK 2154 at the Kieler Uni Live:
    Every year at the Kieler Woche the world of science comes alive in an exhibition of the CAU. The GRK 2154 introduced itself with an interactive touchscreen. The projects of the GRK groups were presented with images, videos and descriptions of the lab-work of the PhD-students.
    Kieler Uni Live 1_Rand weißKieler Uni Live 2_Rand weiß
  • 26.04.2018 Girl's Day 2018, Faculty of Engineering, CAU:
    At the GRK 2154, 5th to 7th grade students learned how materials for implants in the brain feel like, how they are produced, and how to put them in a specific shape.
    Girls Day 1Girls Day 2
    Copyright Nils Fischer, CAU.


  • 24./25.04.2018 First Spring School of the GRK 2154:
    The students of the GRK 2154 organized their first Spring School, taking place in Koppelsberg. The program included a workshop on scientific writing, a seminar on technology transfer and start-up companies at universities, topics on ethical issues in science, team building measures, and a guest lecture on translational nanomedicine and imaging.
    Spring 2018


  • 01./02.03.2018 Third Retreat of the GRK 2154 „Materials for Brain“ in Travemünde.
    Retreat Travemünde März 2018


  • 07./08.12.2017 Our PhD-students participated in the workshop "Project Management and Communication in Science", carried out by ProSciencia.
    Workshop Projectmanagement ProSciencia


  • 01./02.11.2017 Second Retreat of the GRK 2154 „Materials for Brain“ in Leck.
    GRK-Retreat Leck


  • ​​01./02.06.2017 First Retreat of the GRK 2154 „Materials for Brain“ in Sankelmark. Link
    Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee


  • 20.05.2017 Our PhD student Vivian Adamski receives a research prize from the Familie Mehdorn Stiftung. Link


  • 01.04.2017 Official start of our Research Training Group with a Kick-off Meeting of doctoral researchers and PIs.
    Kick-off meeting


  • 23.11.2016 Announcement of 12 PhD positions. Link


  • 11.11.2016 “Materials for Brain”: Our new Research Training Group to investigate novel treatment approaches for brain diseases has been approved. Link
    Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee
    Foto/Copyright: Research Training Group Materials for Brain