Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain


Mentoring for Women is the mentoring program for female doctoral researchers of the RTG 2154 (Materials for Brain) and CRC 1261 (Magnetoelectric Sensors: from Composite Materials to Biomagnetic Diagnosis, Link).
The program aims to bring together mentees with experienced and renowned mentors from science or industry.

The mentoring program enables the mentee:
- to support her own career planning
- the exchange of experience and knowledge in the individual mentoring relationship
- promotion of personal competences
- to gain knowledge about structures and processes at universities or in industry
-  to build and integrate into a network in science or industry.

The mentoring program offers mentors:
- to contribute to a new, exciting form of promoting junior researchers
- new contacts to CAU junior researchers, expansion of their own network
- deepening of own consulting skills
- reflection of one's own professional and methodical working methods.

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Picture source: (1) Pete Linforth, Pixabay, (2) mentatdgt, Pexels