Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

P1a: Fabrication and characterisation of Mg based thin film implants (E. Quandt)

In this project, which is the counterpart to P1b (PI R. Willumeit Römer) in which the cell material interaction will be investigated, the thin film materials will be fabricated and characterised. Alloys of interest are for example Mg-Li or Mg-Br. The fabrication will be realised by magnetron sputtering and UV lithography. In the case of Mg-Li pre-alloyed targets could be used, the sputter parameter for the deposition have to be adjusted to get stress free, compact, freestanding films. To realize the Mg-Br system, the idea is to use a layered structure (Mg-KBr-Mg-…). The process for deposition of the bromide interlayer e.g. spray coating (of a KBr solution) or using a salt sputtering target material has to be investigated. Due to the new developed technology, it will be possible to fabricate also gradient structures. First basic in vitro corrosion characterisation of the materials will be done as well as the investigation of the mechanical properties.
In the long run these materials will be tested in animal models where the interaction will be studied by in vivo imaging (P10) and histology.