Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

P1b: Characterisation of the degradation and cellular interaction of Mg materials (R. Willumeit-Römer)

Thin films made of Mg-alloys (produced by P1, Group Quandt) will be studied under near physiological conditions. Beside the determination of the degradation rate, the quantification of corrosion products and the release kinetics of ions the mechanism of degradation should be investigated. In a second step the interactions of cells (in the long run also in animal models with in vivo imaging, P10) with the materials will be elucidated. The third step will be the analysis of changes in the identified processes induced by coatings (cooperation with P3, P4 und P6). The sum of results will be used to optimize the materials and to develop a model which describes the mechanism of cell-material-interaction to make predictions of the implant degradation.