Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Project 9: Rosa Rojas

Epilepsy therapy by local release of antiepileptic drugs

The current project investigates different important aspects for the development of local epilepsy therapy. In this doctoral period, I will focus on:
1. improving the understanding of the therapeutic efficiency and drug distribution in the brain once is it released into the cerebro-spinal fluid after uni- or bilateral, and also chronic intra cerebro-ventricular  injection using studies of pharmacokinetics and other alternatives such as localized 1H or 2H MRI in in vivo studies (feasibility and collaborative work with P11 is under evaluation),
2. collaborating with projects P3, P4, and P6 to develop implantable drug delivery systems with predictable and reliable drug release profiles. This also includes the definition of the optimal location for implantable local release systems in the rat brain and the sizes of the devices,
3. carrying out in vivo experiments to test effects of the implanted materials and effects of the drugs released from these materials in absence epilepsy rats from Strasbourg (GAERS),
4. studying anti-inflammatory drugs as new therapeutic agents for the treatment of epilepsy based on more recent evidence that inflammatory processes within the brain might be involved in emergence of seizures and epilepsy.
I aim to investigate a combination of an anti-inflammatory drug with a traditional anti-epileptic drug. When loaded into the implantable drug delivery systems an anti-inflammatory drug could act as an antiepileptic and at the same time inhibit inflammatory processes that occur in response to the implant. This aim is pursued in collaboration with P7.

Rosa Rojas