Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Project 2a: Duygu Dengiz

Thin film flow-diverter stents based on superelastic shape memory alloys

Stents are widely used for sidewall aneurysms however for the bifurcation type of aneurysms they cannot be used due to possible vascular occlusions and strokes. Thus, intrasaccular (intraaneurysmal) devices are new type of designs are currently in used for these types of aneurysms. As in the first generation some stents designs were achieved. And in this following project, it is aimed that these previous designs will be improved and also new novel intrasaccular devices will be designed.
Finite element model construction for stress and crimping behavior of flow diverter stents will be used for new flow diverter stent designs and it will be modified for novel intrasaccular device designs. Fabrication of these stents and intrasaccular devices will be achieved with TiNi superelastic thin films using photolithography, magnetron sputtering, etching techniques and heat treatments. The new designs which will be compared with conventional structures. After fabrication of these stents and intrasaccular devices mechanical analysis such as crimpability, radial force, flexural strength, wall opposition will be analyzed.
And also, these devices will be analyzed by Project 2b for how they affect flow behavior in the vessels and in the aneurysm itself by using 4D MRI technique and dynamic blood flow analysis with Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL). Then the designs can be improved to get optimum device for aneurysm treatments.

Duygu Dengiz