Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Project 12: Jan Dittmann

Chemo-mechanical continuum modeling of biocompatible degradation processes in thin-film implant materials

This project aims to gain a deeper understanding of the processes involved in the biodegradation of thin-film implant materials which are developed by the Research Training Group 2154. For this purpose, detailed mechanical models describing the anisotropic material characteristics, stresses and strains and the degradation induced formation of cracks will be coupled with phase-field models to a chemo-mechanical model that also respects the formation, growing and degradation of a corrosion layer and diffusion controlled growing of precipitates. The developed model will then be utilized to investigate e.g. the implant-tissue interactions, the influence of cracking on the passivity of the degradation layer or the impact of induced stresses on degradation rates. In the long-term this should support the other projects of the RTG 2154 in increasing the efficiency and biocompatibility of their implants and optimize their fabrication processes and implant designs.
In the beginning a magnesium thin-film model will be developed in collaboration with the project P1. The applied methods of the magnesium model wil be extended to other systems like biodegradable polymers at a later stage.

Jan Dittmann