Research Training Group 2154 - Materials for Brain

Anna-Sophia Buschhoff (at IST, Austria)

Csicsvari Group, Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Klosterneuburg (30.09. - 01.11.2019)

Single unit recordings are essential to get a better understanding of complex neural circuits and how information is processed in the brain. During my, one month stay at the IST Austria in Prof. Csicsvaris Group, I had the possibility to learn about methods to record the activity from neurons in different brain regions (multi-channel extracellular recordings) and how to pre-process these complex electrophysiological datasets for spike sorting and in-depth analysis. I was able to design and built my own microdrive for chronic recordings in the ventrobasal thalamus and somatosensory cortex, as the interplay between these two areas appears to play a critical role in the emergence of absence seizures. The microdrive was loaded with 16 tetrodes and finalized for 32- channel in vivo recordings. Furthermore, I had the chance to assist surgeries for chronic electrode implantation which was an excellent possibility to enhance my practical skills in this area. I had a great experience at the IST Austria and the possibility to get new insights into electrophysiological recording, data analysis, and optogenetic network manipulation. Beyond that, I met inspiring people in a really creative scientific environment.